10 Transformative Goals (TG)

Let's evolve the way IT operates to support businesses and people so we can work more flexibly, efficiently, economically.

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Dressing for the tropical climate

Common issue: Staff are often required to maintain an attire which does not match the very warm/ tropical climate.

Proposed solution: Allow staff to dress more professionally relaxed, especially back-office personnel.

Supporting women and girls in IT

Common issue: Women and girls continuously highlight that they are either discouraged from joining the IT field or hindered from progressing at the rate of their male peers.

Proposed solution: Implement solutions to encourage and facilitate women and girls to receive fair support and recognition to develop within the IT industry. Ultimately, eliminating sexual harassment and gender bias.

Facilitate remote work

Common issue: People often go through unnecessary hurdles and expenses to get to an office daily, which affects their productivity. Businesses incur high administrative overheads to maintain in-office personnel while some people are more productive working from home.

Proposed solution: Businesses must captilise more on technology to help their people (both staff and vendors) to effectively work remotely. Remote working can cut costs and save time to both the business and people involved (both staff and vendors).

Support professional training and development

Common issue: People often struggle to receive support from their employers towards their professional development.

Proposed solution: Implement professional development processes to empower people to be more effective and fulfilled.

Encourage good work-life balance

Common issue: People commonly work above the basic 40 hours per week, which inevitably takes away from maintaining a good personal life.

Proposed solution: Implement solutions which encourage people to be productive within a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Provide transparent growth paths

Common issue: IT professionals often don't have a clear development path within their company.

Proposed solution: Businesses should implement clear development paths for professionals to move from entry-level to expert.

Encourage creativity and innovation

Common issue: Bright new ideas are often get stifled if they weren't put forward by someone of senior authority.

Proposed solution: Supervisory to senior management should facilitate good ideas which come from low-level staff.

Minimise bias, discrimination and bureaucracy

Common issue: IT professionals sometimes feel demotivated due to discrimination based on either their gender, race, religion, political association, or sexual orientation.

Proposed solution: Provide equal opportunities to qualified candidates regardless of race, gender, religion, political association or sexual orientation.

Minimise corporate politics

Common issue: Corporate politics often hinders people from implementing solutions in many organisations across various markets. The well-known debates of titles, degrees or connections are almost endless but get us nowhere quickly.

Proposed solution: Let's deliberately focus on feasible solutions to the most important issues. Let's put aside egos and implement more meaningful solutions that improve the way we do business.

Provide fair compensation

Common issue: IT professionals are often severely under-compensated for their effort and demanding job roles.

Proposed solution: Provide fair compensation packages for each IT role and incentives to exceptional performers.